Lily’s Story

Lily Jeanne Hagedorn is Christina and Brian’s youngest child. In 2013, Lily joined the Hagedorn family through adoption. She was born to parents in Illinois who struggled with addiction, and she needed a home.

This is Lily’s story.

12 years before Lily joined the family, Christina and Brian knew they wanted to adopt a child. They wanted to meet a need and give what had been given to them: unconditional love. They didn’t know when or how it would happen, but the two placed their trust in God and His plan for their lives.

The journey began in earnest in April 2013. Christina and Brian were vacationing in Colorado with friends who were pursuing the adoption of a foster child in their care. The Hagedorns were inspired by their friends’ experience and decided to move forward with their long-held calling. They recognized the adoption process could take significant time but prayed about the process.

Little did they know they would adopt Lily Jeanne in under 3 months.

Things were moving quickly. After reaching out to adoption agencies, Christina heard from a high school friend who knew of a pregnant mother in Illinois who looking for a home for her soon-to-be-born daughter. Brian and Christina called immediately and began the process.

Paperwork. Online classes. Interviews. More paperwork. Fundraising to help cover significant costs. It was a lot to do, and the Hagedorns had only 6-8 weeks until the baby’s July due date.

Christina and Brian met the requirements, passed the tests, raised the money, built a strong relationship with the birth parents, prepared their home, and prayed.

The Hagedorns were concerned about the baby and the risks of her being born with special needs. The birth mother and father used cocaine and opioids. There was a chance of complications. They moved forward.

While they waited for the baby to be born, tears were shed. Both in joy and in grief. In joy for the beautiful child who would soon join their family, and in grief for the thought of a mother who would hand her child over to another.

The Hagedorns were privileged to be at the hospital when the baby was born. She was born dependent on opioids because of her mother’s addiction and had to remain in the hospital for several days through the withdrawal process. The baby endured. Her birthday? July 4. Freedom Day.

Her birth mother named her. Lily Jeanne. “Lily” means beautiful, purity, and innocence. “Jeanne” means “God is gracious.”

Today, Lily Jeanne is a happy, healthy little girl. The Hagedorns are thankful to God for placing adoption on their hearts and bringing Lily into their family.

The Hagedorns


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