Judicial Philosophy

We need a justice committed to the rule of law. We must remember that justices wear neutral robes, not capes. Personal political values have no place on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The justice’s role is to say what the law is, not what the justice thinks the law should be. And it doesn’t matter which political party writes the laws. The rule of law means that it is the law the legislature wrote that governs me and the case before me.

We also need a justice who will uphold the constitutional rights we the people have enshrined in our constitution. This includes certain rights that some today wish weren’t protected, like the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to bear arms. It is my solemn oath to uphold and enforce these rights against government overreach.

Finally, we need a justice committed to protecting the public. The heroin and meth epidemics are ravaging our communities. We must be part of the conversation. Our next justice must recognize that crime victims have constitutional rights, not just those accused of crimes. And we must remember that law enforcement is our ally, not our enemy.

I pledge to you that I will apply the law fairly to everyone. I will interpret statutes and the constitution as they were written to be understood. And I will always remember that I am a servant of the law and the people. As your justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, I will stand up for the constitution. Please stand with me!


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